Exposing Safer Boulder

10.23.2020: Response to Safer Boulder’s response

If you follow Boulder politics closely, you may recall a petition that surfaced a few months ago, authored by a group calling themselves “Safer Boulder.” This petition asks city leaders to fully enforce the urban camping ban, “step up” the use of the Boulder police department’s Homeless Outreach Team and increase police patrols around the city, particularly on bike paths and in pedestrian areas.

Just weeks after Safer Boulder’s petition was published, Boulder City Council included a slide featuring the group’s demands in their staff presentation. This gave Safer’s recommendations equal consideration to those of the Housing Advisory Board and the Human Rights Commission, an unexpected turn of events for such an obscure community group.

According to Housing and Human Services director Kurt Firnhaber, a certain member of city council requested that Safer be platformed at the meeting, leading to their inclusion in staff’s slideshow. Who are the powerful decision makers amplifying their pro-law enforcement vision, even as widespread reports of police brutality continue to make headlines across the country in the wake of George Floyd’s murder? Who is behind Safer Boulder, and what is their driving ideology?

Glancing at their Facebook page, Safer comes across as a concerned group of citizens, worried about the safety of their neighbors and the housing crisis in their town. They insist that they are not anti-homeless, that they want to see houseless people supported and provided shelter. They deny that their petition discriminates against people experiencing homelessness, and they express concern for campers living outside during Boulder’s freezing winters.

Unfortunately, the reality is much uglier. Safer’s carefully crafted public statements grossly misrepresent their true motives. We have obtained leaks from the group’s private Slack communications that disprove their claims of tolerance and compassion, revealing a disturbing degree of hatred toward the struggling people who live on Boulder’s streets. This article will describe in detail Safer Boulder’s bigoted views on homelessness and their tendency to target, dehumanize and humiliate unhoused people and their advocates.

Content Warning: These messages contain hateful, transphobic, ableist, racist and dehumanizing rhetoric that some may find triggering.

Dehumanization and Discrimination

“We are at the mercy of these lunatics…”

Safer claims not to discriminate against others based on housing status, so you can imagine our shock when we discovered that their workspace on the Slack app is dedicated almost entirely to ridiculing and attacking the homeless. Safer Boulder members all agree that the vast majority of homeless people in the city are “transients,” just passing through to take advantage of Boulder’s supposedly ample resources. They assume that all unhoused people they encounter are mentally ill, criminals and drug addicts. Below are examples of the derogatory, dehumanizing language they use to describe homeless individuals.

Below, Craig Books asserts that people experiencing homelessness should be thrown in jail for no reason. He calls them “lunatics” and frames the growing homeless presence in the city as a hostile takeover.

The screenshots below illustrate how Safer members dismiss all houseless people as “transients” in order to deny them of material assistance. Contrary to their public statements, Safer is more interested in removing the homeless from Boulder than sheltering and housing them.

Fun fact: Todd moved to Boulder from Ohio
Note that Todd is comparing houseless people to feces in this comment.

If the comments above weren’t bad enough, this post by Shirley Frewin exemplifies the hatred Safer Boulder allows to fester in their Slack team. Comments like these are never pushed back against by other members.

Unsurprisingly, Safer members also speak disparagingly about people suffering from drug addictions. As with poverty, they view drug addiction as a personal moral failure instead of the serious illness that it is. Their ignorance on this topic is truly disturbing, particularly Peggy’s statement below. Suffering from an addiction? Why don’t you just stop? BOOM. Sobriety. A foolproof solution, if you survive.

“Painful withdrawal” can often lead to death.

The derogatory phrase “meth heads” is used abundantly by Safer members. Here’s a small sampling of posts (click to enlarge):

Safer hates seeing homeless encampments around town, but they’re equally opposed to the idea of a safe, sanctioned camp where houseless individuals can sleep without violating the city’s urban camping ban. Here are Todd Root, Jillian Lloyd and Craig Books mocking the idea of a sanctioned campground in Boulder, complete with more ableist jokes and classist stereotypes.

As you can see from Craig’s comment above, Safer members like to pretend that being homeless in Boulder is easy. They believe that living on the street is a choice, that panhandling is a fast way to make tons of money, and that sitting outdoors all day without reliable access to restrooms, drinking water or food is a ton of fun. More examples are shown below.

Like many Boulder NIMBYs, Safer Boulder cares more about dogs than humans. Todd has it backwards.

The following comment from Todd Root’s Reddit account pushes the same false narrative that unhoused people are given special treatment in Boulder.

It isn’t hard to see that Safer’s claims of fairness and compassion are lies designed to maintain respectability in the eye’s of the public. Not only is Safer Boulder cruel, but they are ignorant and misinformed. Being homeless in Boulder is miserable, and people like Todd, Peggy, Jillian, Craig and the rest are the reason why. On the streets, food is scarce. The weather is unpredictable, and shelter services are inadequate. People are often kicked awake by police officers for violating the urban camping ban. Public bathrooms are sometimes locked shut and drinking water is unavailable.

Safer needs to believe these lies in order to justify the cruel, inhumane policies for which they advocate. The section below will demonstrate exactly why these false beliefs, and the hostile mentality they breed, are so dangerous.

Harassment and Violent Threats

“This camp is a cancer. It won’t go away by itself.”

Safer Boulder’s hatred does not stop at disparaging private comments. The group also engages in harassment and calls to violence. One member, Shirley Frewin, has bragged multiple times about shouting insults and obscenities at homeless people she has encountered, for no clear reason other than their socioeconomic status, or in one case, the fact that the individual was exhibiting signs of mental and emotional distress.

Here she is boasting about shouting aggressively at homeless individuals:

Occasionally, these posts even veer into the realm of violent threats. Here, Craig Books “ironically” suggests that Safer should pressure the city to use rubber bullets to disperse homeless encampments. 

Here are Craig and other Safer members brainstorming cruel and unusual ways to disperse an encampment in downtown Boulder.

Even more disturbing is this message by Shirley Frewin, which explains her plans to rig her truck to hop curbs, allowing her to “go after meth heads in a lot more places.” As you can see from the screenshot below, no one in the group objects to Shirley’s thinly-veiled threats.

Reading Safer’s private conversations, it becomes evident that they believe the people living on the city’s streets have no right to be there. Safer’s mission is the restoration of “law and order,” and they plan to achieve this goal by working with the police and policymakers to create an abusive and hostile environment for poor people.

Craig Books joking about unhoused people being attacked by wild animals
Shari Roth, Todd Root, and Flatiron Views also think people experiencing homelessness beating attacked by wild animals is funny.

Tracking Encampments

“Groups of human trash.”

The Safer Boulder Slack group includes a channel called “#photos,” in which they share pictures to document the activity of the homeless around town. Some of these pictures show tents, litter, and other objects. Others depict houseless people, many of them sleeping. It is obvious that these photos are taken and shared without consent with the intent to mock and humiliate their subjects.

Below, Craig Books calls the homeless people he photographs “human trash.”

This post by Leslie Chandler depicts a man on a street corner with his pants down, obviously in a state of crisis. The other members seem to think it is very funny.

Image censored by Safer Leaks to protect this individual’s identity.

Here, Todd Root claims that documenting encampments is good for his mental health. Jillian Lloyd replies that it’s also good for “shock value.”

Imagine being so exhausted and worn down that you pass out on a metal bench on a busy sidewalk. Now imagine NIMBYs photographing you in that state. That’s what Leslie Chandler does for fun, seen below.

Safer Boulder Leslie Chandler homeless man 2
Image censored by Safer Leaks to protect this individual’s identity.

Here’s Craig Books admitting to reporting a new encampment to the police. Those campers had just moved all their belongings to that spot, and it’s very likely that the police forced them out again soon after.

Below is another post referring to a human being as “trash,” this time by Todd Root.

Finally, here’s an exchange between Todd Root and Craig Books about a woman sleeping on a street corner. Todd says the situation looks concerning enough to warrant a welfare check, but that he “wouldn’t bother.” Craig says he had to restrain himself from honking his horn loudly to wake her up.

Boulder on Blast

Boulder on blast” is a public Facebook page run by Zack Finger, owner of Last Chair Customs. The page is also dedicated to documenting encampments, litter and graffiti. Images of homeless people appear there frequently.

Here are some examples of the invasive and disrespectful content posted on Boulder on blast. This first photograph was shared by a fan of the page.

Zack Finger is not known to have any direct affiliation with Safer Boulder, but Safer members love his work and are responsible for most of the page’s engagements. In August, he attempted to share Safer’s petition, although the link preview did not work. (Typing in the following URL will bring you to the petition, but we don’t recommend signing it.)

Returning to the Safer Slack for a moment, here is Shari Roth admiring Boulder on Blast’s images from afar.

As usual, Shirley Frewin’s comments are the most alarming and bigoted. In the post below, she gives an extensive description of a “cruise” she took downtown, apparently to spy on the homeless and take note of any encampments.

Here is Shirley once more, praising Boulder on Blast’s way with words as he mocks a homeless person being taken away in an ambulance.

Policing, Racism, Ableism and Transphobia

“Half the homies in Boulder have some disability if they think it’ll get them off some hook.”

Safer makes it abundantly clear that they want a larger and more active police presence in Boulder. Their petition calls for full enforcement of the camping ban and increased patrols around bike paths and pedestrian areas. Comments in their Slack team suggest that members expect the cops to destroy homeless encampments almost immediately after they appear. In the following comments, Craig and Jillian boast that their tactic of mass-reporting encampments has resulted in more sweeps.

Here Shari Roth suggests that, despite the coronavirus pandemic, more criminals should be jailed in the city. She encourages others to contact council member Bob Yates with the suggestion, because she has already bothered him enough. (By June 6th, 2020 the rate of COVID-19 infections for incarcerated and jailed people was 5.5 times higher than that of the general population, and the death rate 3 times higher.)

Thankfully, Todd, Steven and Shari shared some other creative solutions to help the city imprison more people.

Safer’s Steven Rosenblum even praises the racist and classist tactic of “broken windows” policing instituted in New York City in the 1990s by Rudy Guliani, which disproportionately targeted racial minorities for minor, non-violent offenses and paved the way for “stop and frisk” policies.

In response to reports that a bike thief was issued a felony summons, Todd complains that the police should have kicked him “in the nuts,” and Jillian complains about cops being “too gentle.”

Safer views the homeless as unruly invaders and the police as the sole arbiters and enforcers of peace and order, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they take some deeply troubling stances on police brutality.

“Sammie and Zayd knew exactly what they were doing…”

In March of 2019, a black Naropa student named Zayd Atkinson was detained and threatened with violence by several BPD officers for picking up garbage in his yard. Just one month later, another black man named Sammie Lawrence was violently arrested for peacefully filming the police and refusing to put down the walking aid he used for his seizure disorder. According to Jillian Lloyd, these men were not innocent victims of racism and police aggression; they “knew exactly what they were doing.”

As much as Jillian may try to pretend that racism and homelessness exist in isolation, the facts suggest otherwise and the connection is very well documented. Despite making up only 13% of the United States population, black Americans account for 40% of houseless people in the country due to centuries of racist discrimination. Lawrence himself was formerly homeless, and he was arrested while advocating for his houseless friends.

Jillian also claims that Lawrence was not beaten by the officer. Body camera footage shows him being forcefully wrestled to the ground, despite posing no threat. He was taken to the hospital for his injuries, where he suffered from a stress triggered seizure due to his traumatic brain injury. While he was not literally beaten, it is irrefutable that he was physically brutalized by the police.

Below, Jillian warns that Lawrence will be appearing at a protest, suggesting that he is a possible threat who should be watched closely. Todd jokes that he wants Sammie’s autograph.

Below, Katharine Hauge defends the officer who arrested Lawrence and Shirley Frewin suggests that a photo of then was “doctored up using CGI.”

Sammie isn’t the only marginalized person to end up on the receiving end of Safer Boulder’s ridicule. Another even more popular target is a homeless activist named Dan Barnard, one of the residents of the Occupy Boulder camp established at the Boulder Municipal Building in August. In the early hours of the morning on August 28th, the Boulder Police Department swept the encampment. Like Sammie Lawrence, Barnard also suffers from seizures, and the bright lights from the police vehicle nearly triggered zir epilepsy.

Dan’s Twitter post about the sweep. The bright light from the police car can be seen shining directly into zir tent.

After Barnard posted a video of the incident to zir Twitter account, Safer members took to Slack to make fun of zir accent and spiritual beliefs and suggest that ze was faking zir seizure disorder. Jillian’s sarcastic comment about needing a “walking stick” is a reference to Sammie Lawrence’s walking aid, which was deemed a weapon by the police, resulting in his arrest.

Another Occupy Boulder resident named Angela also has seizures and uses cannabis to self-medicate. The screenshots below show Safer members mocking Dan’s request for help and implying that ze and Angela are faking their symptoms or using their disabilities as an excuse for laziness.

According to them, not only are Sammie and Dan faking their seizures, but so is a large portion of the homeless population. These comments by Todd and Jillian would look pretty bad if it turned out that homeless people were eight times more likely to suffer from epilepsy and that about half of all homeless people have traumatic brain injuries.

“He is nonbinary. If you use the wrong pronoun, he will assault you.”

Safer’s constant bullying of Dan Barnard isn’t just classist and ableist; it is also horribly transphobic. Dan is nonbinary and uses ze/zim/zir pronouns.

Safer members are perfectly aware of this, but they continue not only to misgender zim, but to ridicule zim for zir gender identity.

Dan’s girlfriend is a transgender woman, which Todd and Flatiron Views find very confusing. Todd refers to her as a “dude,” uses the pronoun “it,” and and calls her “Satan” in the following post.

They also mock Dan’s pagan spiritual beliefs, repeatedly calling zim “Gandalf” and, bizarrely, “the anal wizard.”

Housing insecurity and homelessness disproportionately affect transgender and other LGBTQ+ people since so many of them face housing discrimination, family rejection and other forms of bigotry. One in five transgender people have experienced homelessness. Yet, Safer Boulder members never acknowledge that these systemic problems exist, let alone try to find solutions. Instead, they look down upon disabled people, LGBTQ+ people and people of color experiencing homelessness, portraying them as lazy, entitled liars.

City Council Support

“Put out food stray cats will come.”

So far, we’ve demonstrated that Safer Boulder is a classist, racist and transphobic organization that exists to lobby city officials to be more cruel toward the homeless. Now, let’s take a look at which city leaders are actually listening to them. Remember how Safer’s policy recommendations were featured in a staff presentation to city council? It turns out that City Council member Mark Wallach pulled some strings to make that happen.

Safer’s own Peggy Sands worked for Wallach’s campaign.

Safer also has a friendly relationship with Republican council member Bob Yates. Here, Shari claims that he has been reaching out to the group.

Shari has posted a number of communications with Bob Yates, including what appears to be coordination to oppose a proposal for a sanctioned campground for people experiencing unsheltered homelessness.

Shari Roth Bob Yates Safer Boulder Oct

Additional communications between Shari Roth and Bob Yates can be see on her Safer Leaks page.

Shari isn’t the only member who stays in contact with Bob Yates. Here is a passionate rant addressed to him by Peggy Sands, featuring the usual harmful stereotypes. She also uses dehumanizing language, comparing the houseless to stray animals.

Leslie Chandler also contacted Bob Yates to complain about homeless encampments around the city, and he advised her to “call the police immediately” about any campsites she sees.

Safer also collaborates with the police department. Brooke Harrison serves on the BPD’s Community Dialogue and Engagement Panel, where she works with Police Chief Maris Herold to bolster support within Boulder City Council for more homeless sweeps.

After Boulder Police Department began aggressively sweeping homeless encampments downtown, Steven Rosenblum decided to cater lunch for BPD on behalf of Safer. The police department and Safer Boulder both discourage giving food to people living in poverty, but Safer sent the police free food as a thank you for enforcing the unconstitutional camping ban.

Steven Rosenblum Safer Boulder Boulder Police Thank You Note 2
A handwritten ‘thank you’ note from Boulder Chief of Police Maris Herold.

Spying on Homeless Advocates

“I was thinking we need a mole in Boulder Progressives to find out what they’re up to.”

Safer Boulder has a special hatred for local progressive activists. Their Slack workspace contains several posts encouraging members to “spy on” activist groups. One user “infiltrated” Boulder Progressives by signing up for their mailing list.

They have also posted personal information about these progressives multiple times, including one person’s home address and another’s LinkedIn page. What did these individuals do to provoke such blatant violations of their personal privacy? They made public comments to City Council that Safer Boulder disagreed with. Todd and Jillian’s comments below provide some context.

Why might housed people urinate in public less than unhoused people? Hm.

Peggy Sands hated Ruy Arango’s comments to council so much that she looked up his address and posted for the whole group to see. Her intentions in doing so are unclear.

Information redacted in red to protect this person’s private information.

As with Safer’s abusive rhetoric, their lack of respect for privacy does not stop at their group messages. These leaked screenshots also suggest that Craig Books went to the East Mapleton Ballfields to watch members of Boulder SAFE (a homeless advocacy group, not to be confused with Safer) distribute care packages to people experiencing homelessness. He then reported back to the group detailed information on their physical appearances and the car they drove, advising other members to watch out for them.

Later, Safer members planned on attending another event hosted by Boulder SAFE to “gather information.” Below, they joke about attempting to steal the supplies intended for homeless people. Shirley Frewin suggests showing up at all the group’s events to intimidate them and stop them from organizing.


“Do they clean meth bowls for free too?”

Safer Boulder claims to support the existing homeless services in Boulder, yet they have negative things to say about most of the shelters and programs the city has to offer. Here, Todd and Craig praise EFAA, but Todd states that “all these other homeless services places are dubious.”

Here, Katharine complains about litter being left behind after the free “Friendship Dinner” at the Boulder courthouse.

Safer Boulder members also have some harsh criticisms for Boulder’s homeless youth prorgram, Attention Homes, which serves people ages 12-24. According to Mark Mallen, the shelter was established by progressives to bring “out of town trouble makers” into the city.

Below, Todd Root calls Attention Homes “Aggression Homes.”

They also have harsh words for advocates in the community who offer direct support to the homeless. Here are Katie Lehr and Todd Root mocking activists who let houseless people shower and do laundry in their homes.

Here, Shari says she hopes that Bob Yates will discourage community members from distributing food and supplies to homeless people.

Safer Boulder wants full enforcement of the camping ban, yet they are opposed to a sanctioned campground. Despite massive cuts to emergency services that have left the majority of houseless people without shelter options, they maintain that Boulder has “robust” resources. They complain about advocates who distribute food and supplies, claiming that it discourages people from going through Coordinated Entry, but they also express disdain for programs that provide permanent housing. While their members report encampments to the police as soon as they appear, they also complain about the taxpayer expense of emergency calls.

Safer does not hide the fact that they don’t have any solutions to homelessness. They just want unhoused people out of sight. They know that sweeps and police patrols don’t put people in housing, but they call for them anyway because they make the lives of the homeless harder. Safer’s goal is to punish those they deem “transients” until they have no choice but to leave the city. Shari Roth lays all this out very succinctly in the following comment. With under 200 beds for a homeless population of over 400, the message is clear. This organization wants most of the people on Boulder’s streets gone, no matter the cost.


Responding To Safer Boulder’s “Safer Boulder Doesn’t Have Time for Bullies”

Safer Boulder responded to our release of their chat logs on October 11th with a post entitled “Safer Boulder Doesn’t Have Time for Bullies.” Safer Boulder’s response throws lies against the wall without a shred of evidence to back them up. Here we will go through their criticisms point by point:

We are members of Safer Boulder. Our diverse, nonpartisan grassroots coalition consists of hundreds of Boulder residents who recognize the urgency of addressing public safety in our small city.

  • Safer Boulder has insisted for a while that they are “diverse” but have never defined what diversity means to them. Every member of Safer Boulder that we have identified is white and cisgendered.
  • We are not sure where these “hundreds” of Safer members are coming from either, since their Slack workspace had 93 members at it’s height, with about 1/2 of those accounts not being registered and a fair amount of the registered accounts being inactive.

Last Tuesday, an anonymous source connected to a broad network of self-described anarchists initiated a vicious, targeted campaign against our membership, while claiming to possess leaked materials that “exposed” Safer Boulder.

  • We have never identified as anarchists because we are not anarchists. This is a very silly thing to lie about.
  • We did claim to have leaked materials from exposed Safer Boulder’s private communications, which is true. You can find the full archive of those at the bottom of this page.

The activist group, calling itself “Safer Leaks”, linked to a blog on an anarchist web server in Italy, and took to social media and other channels to dox, defame, and personally threaten alleged members of our group.

  • We have not once threatened any member of Safer Boulder, nor anyone else. This is very serious allegation and should be backed up as such.
  • Our leaks show that Safer Boulder has repeatedly spoken about enacting violence upon people experiencing homelessness in Boulder:
Safer Boulder member Shirley Frewin explaining how she plans to modify her car into a "curb hopper" so that she can "go after meth heads"
Safer Boulder member Shirley Frewin explaining how she plans to modify her car into a “curb hopper” so that she can “go after meth heads”
Safer Boulder member Craig Books joking about unhoused people being attacked by wild animals
Safer Boulder member Craig Books joking about unhoused people being attacked by wild animals
todd root tying up filmer
Safer Boulder member Todd Root proposing that people filming the police be tied up and placed next to a 5 gallon bucket of feces
Craig Books advocating for shooting rubber bullets at homeless people
Safer Boulder member Craig Books half-joking about using less-lethal riot control munitions on unhoused people.
Craig Books advocating for torture techniques on Homeless people in Boulder colorado
Craig Books proposing direct violence on a group on unhoused individuals.

Katharine Hauge, Craig Books, and Jade Schwartz plotting torture techniques against people experiencing homelessness

Relying on manipulated documents, hacked private communications, blatant lies, and reckless disregard for the truth, these activists have endangered community members and subjected them to harassment at their homes and workplaces, while attacking their reputations with unabashedly false accusations.

  • The leaks provided at the bottom of the page are unredacted and absolutely not “manipulated’. We did censor a few parts of the analysis of these leaks on our webpage to protect those targeted by Safer Boulder from further harassment.
  • There is no evidence that anyone has been “endangered” by these leaks. If there is, we would like to see it.
  • We have received thanks from community members who were targeted by Safer Boulder.

The extent of the attack is still under investigation, but a number of Boulder residents have been misidentified as leaders of Safer Boulder on a blog and in social media, and profiled with their photographs, employment, and other private information, including addresses and phone numbers. None of the individuals identified holds a leadership role in our group. Several are former members, and others have never been involved in Safer Boulder.

  • Our assertions about Safer Boulder leadership comes from analyzing the power structure within the group. The Safer Boulder members we have identified as “leaders” act as leaders within the group by directing other members and taking charge on projects.
  • All information published on this blog outside of the Slack Workspace is publicly available information. We did not include Safer Boulder members’ addresses or phone numbers to protect them from harassment.
    • Whereas Safer Boulder has shared the addresses, photographs, phone numbers, and emails of activists they oppose in their Slack Workspace.
Safer Boulder member Peggy Sands posting the home address and phone number of an activist who spoke out against Safer Boulder during City Council public comment.

We were astonished that media would give credence to claims made by an unknown, unverified source. Doing so has exposed innocent community members to physical danger and emotional distress. Meanwhile, it has given an undeserved voice to shadowy agitators who seek lawlessness and chaos in our community. It has allowed them to be jury, judge, and executioner of anyone they name as a member of Safer Boulder.

  • As of today, October 23rd, 2020, no media outlet has picked up on these leaks, so how did the media expose “innocent community members to physical danger”?
  • Safer Leaks holds no legal authority over Safer Boulder and we find this analogy patently absurd. Publishing information on the internet is not the same as executing someone.

We cannot adequately detail the many false claims made against Safer Boulder by this hate group and its amplifiers on social media. Nor is that our intent in this statement. We want you to understand who Safer Boulder is, and to comprehend the urgency of our mission.

  • Safer Boulder wants people to believe that they were falsely slandered and lied about but refuse to provide any evidence to support their claim.
  • Safer Boulder, a group that tolerates and engages in blatant transphobia and classism, believes that we are a “hate group.”

an organization that – based on its official statements or principles, the statements of its leaders, or its activities – has beliefs or practices that attack or malign an entire class of people, typically for their immutable characteristics.

Safer Leaks does not malign any class of people. We stand against racism, classism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, and all other forms of bigotry and xenophobia, which is precisely why we published these communications. Safer Boulder regularly engages in bigoted and xenophobic behavior:

Safer Boulder member Todd Root describing a homeless transgender woman as “it” and “a dude”
Safer Boulder member Jillian Lloyd promoting the anti-homeless and anti-BLM documentary Denver In Decay by fascist collaborator Steffan Tubbs

We accept that some may disagree with us, and we welcome civil and respectful discourse on the issues. But we will not accept criminal and personal attacks as a substitute for substantive discussion. We condemn these tactics. They are inimical to a free society and are an assault on our Constitutional rights to free expression and petition of our government.

  • We have not violated anyone’s constitutional rights. The United States constitution does not protect people from being criticized, nor does it restrict the expression of free speech and publication.
    • We disagree with the characterization that our release and analysis is “uncivil” but even if that were the case, the First Amendment makes no mention of civility.

Safer Boulder can use all the weasel words they want to imply that our release of their Slack Workspace is fraudulent, but at the end of the end day, they have provided no evidence to backup any of their claims against us, while we have over 1,000 screenshots from their chats that you can access and come to your own conclusion about the group.


Mark Mallen

Mark Mallen lives in Boulder, Colorado, is the owner of Glacier Ice Cream and Rocket CBD, and is a member of the anti-homeless group Safer Boulder.


Andrew Rice

Andrew Rice lives in Boulder, Colorado, is the owner of Colorado Design Group, and is a member of the anti-homeless group Safer Boulder.


Katie Lehr

“Btw if you’ve got lady parts and you chow box you’re a straight up lesbian”

Katie Lehr lives in Boulder, Colorado, is a co-owner of Jamey Valentine Construction, is a former spokesperson for the Boulder Builders’ Association, and is a member of the anti-homeless group Safer Boulder.


Zack Finger aka Boulder on Blast

Zack Finger runs the anti-homeless Facebook Page “Boulder On blast” and owns Last Chair Customs. Zack is not a member of Safer Boulder but his page is popular among members of Safer Boulder.


Elaine Dannemiller

Elaine Dannemiller lives in Boulder, Colorado, is a self-employed graphic designer, an outspoken opponent of the youth-centered homelessness non-profit Attention Homes, and is a member of the anti-homeless group Safer Boulder.

Elaine Dannemiller's LinkedIn profile with Business Class LLC Boulder, Colorado


Katharine Hauge

“My husband said- we should put flood lights right on top of them, reeeaally bright lights”

Katharine Hauge is a physical therapist practicing at Functional Fitness in Boulder, Colorado and a member of the anti-homeless group Safer Boulder.

Katharine’s engagement on the leaked Safer Boulder Slack team is somewhat limited, but in her few posts she has defended a police officer involved in multiple use of force scandals and endorsed torturous techniques against people experiencing homelessness.

Excusing Police Brutality

On July 25, 2020, Katharine wrote a post defending former Boulder Police officer Waylon Lolotai who joined the Boulder Police Department after being placed on administrative leave by the Denver Sheriff’s Department for pushing an inmate into a flight of stairs while his back was turned. In the instance Katharine is referring to, Sammie Lawrence, a Black man with a walking stick, was filming Officer Lolotai during an engagement with a group of people experiencing homelessness in Boulder, Sammie was ordered to drop his walking aid and step back. When Sammie continued to film and use his walking aid, he was tackled by Officer Lolotai and arrested. Officer Lolotai recently resigned from the Boulder Police Department after accruing several more notable excessive force complaints and had his Instagram account scrutinized which featured memes and posts that glamorized police brutality against citizens and journalists.Katharine Hauge physical therapist police brutality

Violence Against The Poor

In a hypothetical example identical to Sammie Lawrence’s case, Todd Root proposed duct taping someone practicing their First Amendment right to film the police and placing them next to a five gallon bucket of feces. Katharine gave this suggestion a Thumbs Up reaction.

Todd refers to people experiencing homelessness as “homies”
Jillian Lloyd, Flatiron Views, and Katharine Hauge apparently think kidnapping is a good way to respond to people filming the police

On August 20th, 2020, Craig Book, Todd, and Katharine Hauge brainstormed methods of physically attacking a homeless encampment downtown, from shooting them with rubber bullets, to starving them, to using a torture technique employed at Guantanamo Bay.

Craig Books advocating for shooting rubber bullets at homeless people

Craig Books advocating for torture techniques on Homeless people in Boulder colorado

Katharine Hauge, Craig Books, and Jade Schwartz plotting torture techniques against people experiencing homelessness

On September 15th, Katharine Hauge wrote a post praising Safer Boulder on Facebook with the implication that she is simply a causal onlooker of their work, and not an active member of the group.



Shirley Frewin

“As the aggressor, I catch them off guard every time.”

Shirley Anne Frewin lives in Gunbarrel, Colorado and is a member of the anti-homeless group Safer Boulder.

Shirley has used Safer Boulder to advocate violence against people experiencing homelessness, brag about harassing people she believes are homeless, and obsess about “meth heads”


Peggy Sands

They assault our friends, steal our bikes and cars, break into our houses, sell drugs to our kids…

Peggy Sands is an artist in Boulder, Colorado, worked on Boulder City Council member Mark Wallach’s campaign, and a is member of the anti-homeless group Safer Boulder.

Peggy helped build one of Safer Boulder’s websites, though it never got off the ground.

Peggy Sands artist boulder safer boulder

On the transients page, Peggy describes people experiencing homelessness as “like locusts”.

Safer Boulder website draft by Peggy Sands

The bottom of the “Transients” page has some notes for future content.

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The public safety page on the Safer Boulder website

On July 7th, a community member spoke against Safer Boulder at Boulder City Council’s public comment section. In retaliation to these comments, Peggy posted that speakers home address, phone number, and age to the rest of the group.

Information redacted in red to protect this person’s private information.

In an email to Boulder City Council member Bob Yates, Peggy writes that 80% of people experiencing homelessness in Boulder are meth addicts and describes them as a “contamination vector”. The 80% figure Peggy is referencing an anecdotal estimate from Boulder Police’s Homeless Outreach Team about the amount of meth use they see in the subset of the population they engage with. Peggy goes on to ask Mr. Yates not to share her email because she doesn’t “want the flack”.

Peggy claims to have worked on Council member Mark Wallach’s campaign. Mark has reliably voted against measures that would help people experiencing homelessness.

Peggy Sands worked for Mark Wallach's Boulder City Council Campaign



Brooke Harrison

Brooke Harrison lives in Boulder, Colorado, works as the Therapy Area Director at Oncology Resource Group, sits on the Boulder Police Department’s Community Dialogue and Engagement Panel, and is a leading member of the anti-homeless group Safer Boulder.

Brooke Harrison Oncology Research Group Anti Homeless Advocate